Established in 2010 ReillyRooz continues to grow and expand year on year  – distributing products that share the same ideology – of quality, uniqueness and innovation  –  by keeping to these simple yet fundamental elements ReillyRooz has built a trustworthy and reliable reputation in the South African parent market.

ReillyRooz was created in loving memory of a little Girl named Reilly, who touched our lives and continues to do so always.

Reilly was called away from us way too soon. We share her handprint in our brand – to remind us how a little girl– touched and continues to touch the lives of everyone who buys into the ReillyRooz brand.


ReillyRooz will continue to carry and source new and exciting products that are inspiring and that will change your life forever true to the life and love of a little girl named Reilly.

ReillyRooz –  forever touching our lives.  

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