About Reilly

Reilly was called away from us way, way too soon.

In the 13 months we shared together – she touched our lives in a way that would define who we are today.  We share her handprint in our brand – to remind us how a little girl– touched and continues to touch the lives of everyone who buys into the ReillyRooz brand.

With our love for Reilly, our promise is to continue to grow and share unique and innovative products to the world.

Loving you is easy Reilly – we do that every day – Missing you is a heartache that never goes away.

How ReillyRooz was born.

Often when Reilly and I were out shopping, she would be happy to be seated in the trolley but after a while she got a little uncomfortable and bored, her hands touched everywhere on the trolley and then would wind up in her mouth – you know what I’m talking about, (have you noticed the same? )  On seeing major retail stores, offering sanitizing wipes and gels to its shoppers, this in turn made me wonder how clean or dirty the trolleys actually were.  This prompted me to do some research on this subject matter and was overwhelmed by the statistics and reports that were conducted internationally.  What seemed to grab my attention the most was, the fact that people always talk of how clean other countries are in comparison to our own, – this led me to do some investigative shopping!  I found trolleys stored in parking lots exposed to the outdoor elements, used as means to pack and unpack shelves and fridges,  to move fresh produce waste to outside bins and have yet to see trolleys be washed or wiped down by stores.  I am certainly not saying they do not do it – perhaps, just not a priority.

I must compliment all stores who carry the sanitizing wipes and gels.  This goes a long way in helping the average shopper, but not for babies and toddlers, because this would require you to sanitize the whole trolley in the child’s grasp.

This was where ReillyRooz shopping trolley pouch was born.

During product development the pouch reminded me of the safety and the comfort,  that a baby Roo has within the pouch of its Kangaroo mother – also Rooz, was one of Reilly’s nicknames

When it came to creating the logo, I knew exactly what I wanted.  A handprint – Reilly’s handprint. Our glass sliding doors and my windows in my car always had her little hand prints on them.  Reilly touched so many things that it left an everlasting impression and by incorporating her handprint into the logo – she continues to touch our lives.

With our love for Reilly, we continue to grow our brand and be inspired by the people around us – true to the life and love of a little girl named Reilly.