Welcome to the home of ReillyRooz

ReillyRooz is a registered company offering unique and innovative designer baby accessories.

Established in 2010 ReillyRooz continues to grow and expand year on year  – distributing products that share the same ideology – of quality, uniqueness and innovation  –  by keeping to these simple yet fundamental elements ReillyRooz has built a trustworthy and reliable reputation in the South African parent market.

From local designs to award winning products sourced from over international waters – we are the proud distributors of a range of products for South Africa and surrounding countries.


ReillyRooz- Lollaland-Logo

ReillyRooz will continue to carry and source new and exciting products that are inspiring and that will change your life forever true to the life and love of a little girl named Reilly.

ReillyRooz –  forever touching our lives.